Saturday, October 6, 2007

Intel Nehalem and AMD Toliman Die Pics

I recently became aware of a recent post by Hans de Vries of his analysis of Intel's Nehalem Die. For pictures of other work by Hans you can check out

Quad Core Nehalem

Another picture of Nehalem's die was posted in this DailyTech blog entry by Kristopher Kubicki

Not to be outdone, I've recently become aware of recent links to pictures of alleged AMD Toliman aka AMD PhenomTM triple-core dies floating out and about.

You've probably already seen this picture in this Roborat's blog post

This one was sent to me by a recent ex-ATI Markham employee who's recently relocated to points south.

And this one, perhaps my favorite one to date, hails from this post (scroll to see post by RuSo) on

I also received a mysterious email with the following image claiming to be that of the home of a certain "managing editor" who resides in Linton, Indiana. I don't know what this has anything to do with Nehalem or Toliman die pictures but I figured I'd put up the image to round out this set.

If someone has additional links to other die shots of interest, I'd like to know about them.